5 Easy Make Ahead Breakfasts

By July 18, 2016Food, Health, Nutrition, Recipes

I am HUGE on prepping breakfast ahead of time- especially when you’ve got a meal plan for the rest of the day to worry about. Breakfast can be so easy to skip out on: it’s the first meal of the day, we’re probably in a rush, our eyes are more than likely half shut, and the thought of trying to get together a nutritious meal ready before 12:00 pm sometimes sounds painful and impossible. Here are 10 extremely simple breakfasts you can make ahead of time that are healthy and support recovery and maintenance.

Avocado toast

You can get so creative with this! Go sweet or savory, or both. The benefit to avocado toast is that avocados are packed with over 20 healthy nutrients, are loaded with fiber (which plays a crucial role in metabolic health), are antioxidant filled, and help you feel full longer. Here are some takes on avocado toast that will have you feeling satisfied:

  1. A little bit of spice
    Two slices of whole-grain bread
    Smashed avocado
    Two sunny-side up eggs
    Pinch of cayenne pepper
  2. Extra protein
    Two slices of whole-grain bread
    Smashed avocado
    Thinly sliced smoke salmon
    Red onion
  3. Somethin’ sweet
    Two slices of whole-grain bread
    Smashed avocado whipped with goat cheese
    Sliced strawberries
    (Optional, and recommended: crushed honey roasted pecans)

Baked egg muffins

Combine 4 eggs or egg whites with any cut up veggies you like! I prefer tomatoes, spinach, and onion). Crumbled (and cooked) bacon works great too for some extra flavor. Divide “batter” evenly among muffin tin sprayed generously with cooking spray (this tends to make about 2-3 egg muffins). Top off muffins with cheese of your choice, and bake for 10-15 minutes at 350 degrees. These are super simple to reheat and eat for breakfast!

Overnight oats in a jar

Is it just me or has oatmeal gotten the popular vote lately? Overnight oats are by far one of my favorites, and so easy. Again, you can do so many different variations on this breakfast depending on your favorite flavors. In any case, use this foundation recipe: 1/2 rolled oats, 1/2 milk (any kind), sweetener of your preference, and a pinch of cinnamon (vanilla extra is another option as well). For thicker overnight oats, add in 1/4 cup of yogurt! Greek will be the best choice with its added protein. Feel free to add in frozen blueberries, bananas, peanut butter, or honey. My favorite combination: banana, almond butter, and dark chocolate chips. I prefer my breakfast tasting like dessert. Store overnight in the fridge and you’ve got breakfast already made for you as you walk out the door.

Stuffed peppers

Cut a large bell pepper in half. Fill each pepper with veggies of your choice. I suggest going the Mexican route here and adding in corn, black beans, onion, and tomato. Fill each pepper half with 2 eggs. Bake at 350 degrees for about 35 minutes. Store in the fridge overnight, and reheat in the microwave the next morning. Top with sprinkled cheese and salsa for extra flavor!

Cottage cheese toast

Perhaps the easiest out of this entire list. Cottage cheese is filled with protein that will energize you (and sustain your energy) throughout the morning. Top 2 slices of toasted bread with 1/2 cup of cottage cheese, sliced strawberries, and a drizzle of honey. Nothing like starting the day off with something sweet and nutritious at the same time.




Nicole works as a life and wellness coach through Nicole Leigh Coaching (www.nicolenessLPC.com) Nicole strives to empower women with similar struggles to redefine and re-identify themselves, separate from their eating disorder. Through her work, she empowers women to use balance in every aspect of life to maintain lifelong recovery. When Nicole isn't blogging or counseling, she loves spending her time traveling, eating burgers, and surrounding herself with positive people.