Initial consultation


15-30 minute call

The whole purpose of an initial consultation is to get a sense of who you are as a person, and also what you’re going through that led you to coaching. It is also to gain a better idea of the approach to coaching that I use. We’ll talk about what you’re hoping to gain from coaching, and also see whether we may be a good fit working with one another!

60-minute sessions


2 months

The sessions are set up as 2-month packages to encourage commitment to your goals and to allow for more long-lasting behavior change. We work together to set realistic goals, assess progress, and continue to work towards building a sense of balance in your life. Sessions are held via phone or through confidential video sharing.

30-minute sessions


2 months

Based on your availability or goals, you may feel that 30-minute sessions are sufficient. With a shorter session time, they are set up for those that may need a “refresher” on skills you can use to reach your goals, or for some added motivation. I typically recommend that you start with 60-minute sessions, and then re-assess based on your progress.

Workout programming


5 workouts

As an ACE-Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, I can work with you to identify what your fitness goals are. Gain more strength? Increase endurance? Wanting to switch up your regular workout routine? I’ve got you! No access to the gym? Limited time to commute back and forth to a gym? I’ve got you here, too with at-home workouts.