Healing your relationship with your mind + body + food can feel scary.
It requires us to be vulnerable,and it forces us to sit with some discomfort.


And yet, it’s such a powerful feeling as you begin to cultivate
health and wellness in your own life.


I am SO excited to be a part of that journey with you!

Initial consultation


15-20 minute call

The whole purpose of an initial consultation call is to get a sense of who you are, where you’re currently at in your healing journey, and where you want to go. PS, this is the most exciting part! You’ll also learn more about the approach I take to coaching, how I’d personally support you, and from here we can then decide whether we may be a good fit working with one another.

60-minute sessions


2 months / 8 sessions

Are you ready to rediscover who you are? Are you excited to break away from the diet mindset and move towards acceptance? If you answered “yes,” coaching sounds like a great fit for you!  The sessions are set up as 2-month packages to encourage commitment and to allow for long-lasting change.  Sessions are held via phone or confidential video sharing.

30-minute sessions


2 months / 8 sessions

Based on your availability, you may feel that 30-minute sessions are sufficient! With a shorter session time, these are set up for those that may need some added accountability, reminders of their progress, or for some added motivation. You may be in the “relapse prevention” phase of recovery and are just seeking some additional support throughout the week!