What I'm lovin' and usin' and eatin' lately

The products we use and foods we eat may constantly change because WE as humans are always changing and growing! I’ve shared just a few of my current favorites, ranging from food products, skincare, hair care, and the things that make my home feel more like “home.” Be sure to click on the photos as some of them have discount codes for you to use!

FRE Skincare

Skin health isn't necessarily defined by the external appearance of our skin, but rather: how much are we respecting it? Are we nourishing it with moisture? Are we being compassionate towards stress-induced break outs? And so when I discovered FRE Skincare, I instantly fell in love with their overall mission: skin education and respect for its health.

FRE Skincare products are specifically designed to prevent exercise-induced skin damage. Yep, I know - exercise is SO beneficial for our mental and physical health in so many ways, and yet the sweat and environmental factors (AKA sun) can impact our skin's condition over time. Each product is made with Argan Oil, which is loaded with powerful antioxidants and fatty acids. My favorite product? ``PROTECT ME,`` which I apply to a clean and washed face BEFORE every work out.

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Apoterra Skincare

I love, LOVE Apoterra skincare products! Each product's goal is the same: hydration while promoting skin balance. They are also each formulated based on aromatherapy and scientific research; AKA, there's no bullsh*t here! What I love the most about their products (other than their natural ingredients), is the individualized skincare routine that Apoterra helps create for you. They understand that every skin type is different, which inevitably means different needs in terms of exfoliation, detoxing, and moisturizing.

My favorite product? The rose toner! The smell of it is perfect before bed and sets me into this peaceful little zen mood. I also wake up with noticeably LESS red skin, which is something I've always struggled with prior to using Apoterra. The magic ingredient? I'll tell you one of them: rose water.

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OGX Hair Products

Ladies. Their shampoo and conditioner are just under $7. AND THEY ARE FANTASTIC. I'm a big advocate for supporting our hair's health in a way that is accessible and sustainable. In other words: it's got to be affordable if we're going to be consistent with it!
OGX has a huge variety of shampoos and conditioners made with different oils and ingredients that all share the same end goal: strengthen and hydrate your hair. My favorite is infused with coconut milk, yet the argan oil infused products are a close second.

No Cow Bars

I first began eating No Cow bars because my body was just not digesting whey protein. Maybe it was the years that I was obsessed with whey protein to ``build muscle mass`` that led to an aversion. In any case, I was feeling bloated, gassy, and physically uncomfortable from eating whey protein bars. I still wanted the convenience of protein bars for a quick snack, and yet I knew that the old bars I was eating weren't going to do the trick anymore.

No Cow bars are completely vegan, which means FREE OF WHEY! LET'S ALL REJOICE! They allow me to fuel myself with ingredients I can recognize, and with ingredients that don't cause a crap load of protein farts.
My favorite flavor? The Chocolate Fudge or Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip. A little pro tip? Keep them in the fridge before eating!

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Alright so I found Hippeas at Starbucks and got instantly hooked. To the point that I go to Starbucks for Hippeas, and not coffee. I'm not vegan, but these are vegan. Plus, I love when food products include ingredients that I might not normally think about eating, liiiike chickpea flour for example which is loaded with fiber.

Siggi's Yogurt

Ah, yogurt. You make my snacks so much better. Siggi's yogurt is such an easy way to get in extra protein, especially if you eat primarily veggie-focused. Their yogurts are also made with milk from grass-fed cows, and SIMPLE ingredients. None of that fancy stuff that you can't pronounce.

If you're up to trying an interesting flavor, get the strawberry rhubarb. And if you're a seasonal flavor type of person, you MUST get the pumpkin spice.

Modsprout Planters

How are you creating a home that fulfills you? Environment is SO important for our mental health. Are we surrounding ourselves with things that fulfill us? That put our mind at ease? That energize us? Your home is a representation of what you love and your character. It's also a place you can continue to grow in.

To make my home feel more like ``home,`` I needed to bring nature INSIDE. Modsprout planters make me test my skills at ``gardening`` indoors, and they're freakin' adorable on my window sill. It's one of the little things I look at every night when I get home from work and instantly feel more like myself.

I currently have three planters: basil, parsley, and oregano. The basil will always win my heart over.

La Lune Artwork

Art on the walls makes me feel some sort of way. I think the art you choose says a lot about your personality. It's a conversation that you've essentially nailed up on the wall. My go-to tip? Get several pieces of art of different sizes, and stagger them on a blank wall above a larger piece of furniture (such as a bar cart, couch, or your bed). This instantly makes the room feel warmer, and a little slice of ``YOU`` is up on the walls.

Art is often pretty pricey, but there are SO many websites and stores that bring the cost to a more realistic amount. Like Urban Outfitters, which is exactly where I got this fine lookin' moon.

Crosley Record Player

So this might have been a Christmas present for my boyfriend a few years ago, but I also consider it a gift to myself. It's the perfect addition to our shelving unit. So yes, it serves a dual purpose: music and decoration. There's something about the sound of a record playing versus the the little stereos on my laptop. It just has more... depth.

The music we choose to listen to not only can impact our mood, but I also think we sometimes choose music to MATCH our mood. It has a therapeutic component that I knew I needed to fill my home with. Plus, everyone likes to dance around the kitchen to records while cooking, right? Or is that just me?