What Would Life Look like Without your Eating Disorder?

By November 1, 2018recovery, Redefining Wellness

Powerful question. I think the answers to this question are even more powerful. 

This is something so important to think about through recovery. If you’ve spent weeks, months, or years feeling trapped in your eating disorder or dieting, life on “the other side” can sometimes feel out of reach, unfamiliar, and even non-existent. Your eating disorder may tell you that everything is fine, that your relationship with food is fine, that your feelings toward your body are fine. And yet, does all of this “fine-ness” allow you to ignore or minimize the behaviors that are actually still going on?

So I’ll ask again, in a world where you didn’t feel preoccupied by food and exercise…

How would you spend your time?

Where would you go?

What’s the very first thing you would do?

How would this change the way you felt about yourself?

What about how you viewed your body?

What would you spend your time thinking about instead?

Would work or school performance change?

How would this impact your conversations?

How often you took on new opportunities and adventures?

What you wore?

Your travels and vacations?

How you were intimate with your partner?

How you might be intimate with yourself?

Your ability to be silly and laugh?

How you introduced yourself to others?

What you decided to grab for lunch at work?

Holidays? Birthday parties?

Last minute plans with friends?

Your ability to set necessary boundaries?

Your ability to say NO?

How often you advocated for yourself?

Long car rides and road trips?

How kindly and compassionately you spoke to yourself?



Nicole works as a life and wellness coach through Nicole Leigh Coaching (www.nicolenessLPC.com) Nicole strives to empower women with similar struggles to redefine and re-identify themselves, separate from their eating disorder. Through her work, she empowers women to use balance in every aspect of life to maintain lifelong recovery. When Nicole isn't blogging or counseling, she loves spending her time traveling, eating burgers, and surrounding herself with positive people.